Kristina Gern, born and raised in Russia, has since a young age been surrounded and influenced by music in her hometown, St. Petersburg. But in 2005 she developed her DJ and production interest at the youthcenter center in Västerås. After a few years his career took a hefty pace and the music was much more serious than just a hobby. Kristina soon became a part of the Joia family and a member of the famous swedish concept Female DJ Revolution Tour, which today made a success in Sweden as well as internationally. The gigs have taken Kristina from Sweden to Miami WMC (Winter Music Conference), Spain, Egypt, Russia. Besides nightclub gigs around the world, Kristina played at many different types of events such as fashion shows, release parties, Gucci events, festivals and cruises. Kristina has shared decks and opened for Dj's such as Tristan Garner, Deniz Koyu, Adrian Lux, Abin Myers, Chris Kaeser and Henrik B. Expect lots of energy and joy in the DJ booth and a hell of a party on the dance floor. The music Kristina offers during the evening is mainly the hottest club music in progressive and electro-house genre with a mix of beautiful surprises that will run the place! One of her main characteristics is the ability to interact with the audience and to determine the type of music that is best suited for that special evening. No matter what the genre is, the audience will be treated to all sorts of melodies. It is one of the features that makes her an excellent entertainer for any type of event and is also what made her a sought-after DJ.